Thursday, September 11, 2014

Too busy to blog on a regular basis, sorry... Here's a few things that have happened: Grayson and Raegan were born Sept. 9, 2013. That's our son and daughter-in-law's twins. They're doing great! Rylan was born August 22, 2014. He's doing great! Rylan is the first child for our youngest child and his wife. A few months ago, our pastor agreed to let me experiment with a new type of Wednesday Night service. I'm having fun with this! Played on Sunday morning at Gadsden Vineyard Church a few times. Our First Friday open church experient has been well received and is morphing into an all night worship event. Curious to see how this goes... Excited!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A few days ago, my wife DVR'd the movie Hook. I had not seen it in several years and was amazed when we watched it last night to see many elements of the Kingdom of God and the Gospel in it.(CAUTION,! Spoilers ahead!!) We, like Robin Williams, sometimes we forget who we are in Christ and need reminding. We are more powerful than we know. Williams' son and daughter were stolen like we have been stolen from our Heavenly family by the enemy. Hook is definitely a reminder of Satan. One of his lines to the son is that, will he, the son, want to be saved when the father comes to save him. WOW! Jesus came to save us almost 2000 years ago and the enemy has convinced us that we don't need salvation. Just as Pan remembers to fly by thinking his happy thought, his son, so I believe that we are the "happy thought" of Christ! And just as the son initially refuses to go home, he sees the power and the love of the father and changes his mind. Hook's goal was to get the children to love him and what he could do for them more than their father. The girl sees the lie but her brother doesn't until the end. Great movie!!